New Demo Reel!

Here’s my Video Production Reel, which includes my work at CNN, Stone Mountain Park, Herschend Family Entertainment, and Florida State University.

An Article I Wrote for

Here is a feature I wrote for CNN Photos. In this piece I interviewed photographer Gianmarco Maraviglia on his ‘Reindeer Police’ series, which he captured in the northernmost tip of Norway. The article discusses the role of the Reindeer Police and Maraviglia’s experience traveling and shooting in the region.



Drew Griffin Segment I Shot

This is a clip from a larger segment that aired on Anderson Cooper 360. I operate a variety of cameras for CNN, including Jib and robotic controlled pedestal cameras. Typically, I work on multi-camera productions for the network.

For this segment I was on a manual camera, mainly shooting singles and wider shots of the panel.


Exciting New Job


About a month and a half ago I began my wonderful new job as a Floor Director for CNN International. I am responsible for keeping things running smoothly in the studio. With this position, I will also be training and learning more about Technical Operations across the board for TV news production. So far this position has been wonderful and I’m looking forward to my continuing career journey at CNN.

Goodbye, 2014: A look back

The past year had some pretty pivotal moments for me. I turned 26, thrusting me over the far side of the mid-twenties hump. I also completed my MFA and moved from Tallahassee, Fl back to Atlanta. The year had its ups and downs, as they do, but overall there were some great moments and accomplishments.

Back in January, I started the spring semester of my second year of the MFA in Film Production at Florida State University. From here I would embark on four months of filming 12 hours a day, six days a week. I was also finishing my screenplay for my Thesis film, which as a sci-fi/comedy about Amish aliens, proved to have some difficulties, but I finally locked my script a week in. Continue reading